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Company Overview

CLEO Energy Corp is a private junior oil and gas firm based in Calgary, Alberta which was founded in late 2016. CLEO owns and operates in over 200,000 acres of contiguous land in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin ("WCSB").

Our business plan is to create sustainable and profitable growth in reserves, production, and cash flow in the oil and natural gas industry in the WCSB. CLEO remains poised to grow by investing capital in low-risk, high return projects. Additionally, the low cost, low decline portfolio of assets allows CLEO to maintain a strong balance sheet which can be used for further development and strategic acquisitions including consolidation of our core area.

CLEO is committed to an ESG culture and strives to further these ideals in the future. CLEO exemplifies this through many of our actions like regulatory compliance and the balanced gender ratio in our office. CLEO's latest ESG information can be found here.

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